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5 Ways To Maximize Space In Your Studio Apartment | NMS 1759 Beloit

5 Ways To Maximize Space In Your Studio Apartment

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There are many reasons why people looking for an apartment to rent in West Los Angeles opt for studio apartments over traditional one-bedroom apartments. If you’re living solo, a studio apartment might be a great first step in experiencing apartment life in West LA.  

Studio apartments don’t require as much furniture as traditional apartments, and less space means less cleaning. The cost of utilities and rent is usually less for studio apartments in West LA, and they can be a more eco-friendly way to live in the city. If you're thinking about renting a studio apartment in West LA, check out some of these ways to maximize the space and get the most out of your compact living space: 

Get Rid Of The Clutter 

Making the most out of your studio apartment starts way before move-in day. Getting rid of things you don't wear or use will help to maximize space in your new apartment. If you haven't worn or used an item in the last six months, it doesn't make sense to bring it with you to your new apartment. When trying to decide what should stay and what should go, ask yourself these questions : 

  • When was the last time I used this? 

  • Would it be too expensive to replace it? 

  • How many of these items do I have? 

  • Do I know someone who could use this more than I can? 

  • Does this hold significant sentimental value to me? 

  • Do I really love it?  

  • Do I have something else that can serve the same purpose?  

Think of your new studio apartment as a blank slate. Only bring what is necessary and then add on when you realize you need something else. 

Go For A More Minimalistic Aesthetic 

Over-decorating will give your studio apartment a cramped and crowded feel. You don't have to fill every inch of wall space or every surface with a trinket, object, or decorative piece. Clean lines and open spaces will make your studio apartment feel more spacious. 

When thinking about furniture for a studio apartment, it's important to think about the function and purpose of each piece. Instead of investing in a full living room set, you may just want to bring one comfortable chair or loveseat. If you want to be intentional about saving space, it may mean shifting from a king bed to a twin bed to maximize space. However you choose to decorate your studio apartment, try to keep the furniture pressed up against the wall. This allows for more space to walk around and improves the overall feel of the space.  

One tip for buying furniture for a studio apartment is using the “see-through trick”. Instead of bulky and solid furniture, opt for tables and chairs that you can see through the legs. Exposed legs on tables, chairs, desks and even beds allow for optimal light to flow through the space and make the apartment feel more open. 

All your furniture in a studio apartment should be multi-purpose. If you need a footrest, choose one that can also be a storage space for blankets or books. Choose bed frames with built-in drawers or sofas that can open up into a bed. When maximizing space, everything should have at least two purposes.  

Mirrors And Light 

The right lighting makes a big difference when it comes to maximizing space in a studio apartment. Opt for light or neutral colors, decorative light fixtures, and intentional placement of mirrors. When lights and mirrors work together effectively, you brighten up the space and make it feel bigger. Mirrors and other reflective decorative pieces make the room look wider and taller, giving the illusion of more space.  

Be Storage Smart 

The challenge with maximizing space in a studio apartment is figuring out where to put everything. This is where smart storage solutions come in handy. Open shelving is a great way to use your wall space for storage without making the room feel cluttered. Open shelves give the room a more modern and streamlined feel and can be a great place to display your favorite trinkets or house plants without taking up space on your kitchen table or desk.  

Rolling carts and decorative storage ladders can be both part of your kitchen aesthetic and a smart way to store kitchen gadgets and appliances. Don’t forget to use wall space and hooks to keep things up off the ground.  

The Other Option 

If furnishing a studio apartment is not your idea of a good time, there is another option. Luxury studio apartments in buildings like NMS 1759 Beloit come fully furnished. These designer spaces already have everything you need to live comfortably in a studio apartment, complete with multi-purpose furniture, neutral color themes, and storage hacks for added convenience. Fully furnished studio apartments are move-in ready and already feature all of the amenities you need to maximize space in your studio.  

Bottom Line 

When it comes to decorating your studio apartment, less is more. Multi-purpose furniture, smart storage solutions, and clean lines will help maximize your space without sacrificing style. If you’d like to see what a fully furnished studio apartment in West LA looks like, schedule a tour of NMS 1759 Beloit today!  

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