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4 Dessert Places You Have To Try In West LA

4 Dessert Places You Have To Try In West LA

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LA is a city made for foodies. From gourmet restaurants led by celebrity chefs to family-run food trucks and quick-stop lunch spots, LA is a good place to be when you’re hungry. But when it's late and you want something sweet, try these awesome dessert places tucked throughout the city: 


California Donuts 

A bright, colorful, and fun place to get a donut, California Donuts is a family-owned donut shop that creates fresh, creative donuts every day. They offer classic donuts like classic glazed, chocolate, and sugar and specialty donuts like Lemonberry Crumble, Maple Bacon, and Reeses. You can even order custom donuts with your company’s logo or customized for a birthday party or baby shower.  


You have to try: The Cheesecake Crumble Donut, the Banana Walnut muffin, and a cup of coffee 


Porto's Bakery 

With locations all across West LA, chances are you're only a few minutes from the closest Porto's Bakery. This also means you're only a few minutes from homemade cakes, meat pies, potato balls, and crispy empanadas. Enjoy these Cuban-inspired baked goods in-store, or have all of the ingredients and directions shipped right to your apartment so you can make your favorite menu items at home!  


You have to try: The Milk and Berries Sponge Cake or the Pineapple Cuban Cake 


Beard Papa's 

Beard Papa’s started as a small bakery in Osaka, Japan. Locals loved the owner’s soft, fluffy beard almost as much as they loved the soft, fluffy cream puffs. Now, Beard Papa’s has locations dotted across LA and is known for its customizable cream puffs. Pick your shell and your filling to create a custom cream puff, or try the homemade creme brulee or creamy cheesecake. 


You have to try: The Green Tea Cream Puff or The Chocolate Eclair  


Bloomfield Creamery 

Bloomfield Creamery is owned by second-generation ice cream artisans. Ice cream recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, and they're dedicated to making small batches of ice cream to ensure each scoop is of the highest quality. Made with local honey and dairy, Bloomfield Creamery’s menu has something for everyone. Along with a charming ice cream shop with indoor seating, they also offer delivery, to-go orders, and catering services.  


You have to try: The Chocolate Caramel Brownie, Maple Glazed Butter Pecan, or the Pistachio Saffron 


Bottom Line 

Whether you're in the mood for cake, muffins, cupcakes, ice cream, or pastries, there's a dessert shop in West LA. that specializes in it. Support local businesses by stopping by one of these locally owned dessert shops and satisfying your sweet craving.  


Before you start scoping out dessert shops, schedule a tour of NMS 1759 Beloit and start picturing yourself living in West LA 

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