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NMS 1759 Beloit
NMS 1759 Beloit

A Sweet Treat: 3 Desserts You Can Enjoy In Sawtelle Japantown

A Sweet Treat: 3 Desserts You Can Enjoy In Sawtelle Japantown

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Several blocks from the 405 Freeway’s Santa Monica Blvd. entrance ramp is the NMS 1759 Beloit, a high-tech, sophisticated apartment community. The residents of the NMS 1759 Beloit are provided with the conveniences one comes to expect when living in a modern, urban living setting. 

The NMS 1759 Beloit’s West Los Angeles apartments are available as furnished or unfurnished units, with sizes that range from one to four bedrooms. 

In addition to offering free Wi-Fi to residents throughout the community’s common areas and charging stations for residents driving electric cars, the NMS 1759 Beloit is located near Sawtelle Japantown, home to some of the best desserts in West Los Angeles. 

Somi Somi Sawtelle 

11311 Mississippi Avenue 

West Los Angeles 90025 


Somi Somi is the first in West Los Angeles to offer the “Ah-Boong,” an interesting and tasty, sweet treat from Korea. This delicious dessert has three customizable components. The cone (known as the taiyaki cone) is served warm and is in the shape of a fish whose wide mouth holds your choice of – 

  1. Eleven soft-serve flavors. 

  1. A filling for inside the cone-like Nutella, taro, or cream cheese, etc. 

  1. A topping – like crumbled macaron or sprinkles, etc. 

Somi Somi Sawtelle opens at noon seven days a week. 

Brian’s Shave Ice 

11201 W. Olympic Blvd. 

Los Angeles, CA 90064 


Brian’s Shave Ice & Boba offers varying sizes of some of the most delicious desserts in Sawtelle Japantown. After deciding on the size you want, you then choose from the following to create a Brian’s Shave Ice delectable, sweet treat– 

  • A filling that offers these options – soft serve, mochi balls, adzuki beans, or varying ice cream flavors. 

  • A flavor, which includes up to three flavors from 30 flavor options (Note, you can opt for additional flavors at 50 cents per flavor added). 

  • A topping, which is offered as various forms of chocolate, sour spray, mui powder, snow caps, or caramel. 

Ask about Brian’s Shave Ice's monthly flavor specials as well as sugar-free options. 

In the mood for something other than Shave Ice? Check out the sweet (or savory) waffle dessert options and \ extensive drink menu at Brian’s Shave Ice on W. Olympic Blvd. 

Artelice Patisserie California 

11301 W. Olympic Blvd. #123 

Los Angeles, CA 90064 


Artelice Patisserie is both a dessert heaven and a trip to an artist’s working loft. Two brothers opened this sweet treat shop in West Los Angeles in 2017 to share their love of pastry while challenging their skill as pastry artists. 

At Artlelice Patisserie, the menu offers varying flavors in these pastries and sweet treats – 

  • Cakes – from classic Cheesecake Fraise to Tarte Tatin, etc. 

  • Macarons – offered in a dozen flavors. Ask about Artelice Patisserie’s Macaron Tree and seasonal choices. 

  • Tarts – chocolate passion fruit to yuzu tarts, etc. 

  • Eclairs – coffee, hazelnut, seasonal fillings, etc. 

  • Croissants – various flavors, including chocolate, almond, cinnamon, etc. Plus, savory croissants. 

  • Cookies – your choice of matcha, chocolate chip or hazelnut, etc. 

  • Plus a delicious menu of hot and cold coffee potables. 

Artlelice Patisserie, on W. Olympic Blvd., is open Wednesday through Sunday and closed Monday & Tuesday. 

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